Being at home with a sick kid is no fun. It’s not fun for the child because well, they are sick and don’t feel well at all. It’s not fun for the parent because you are constantly trying to keep them happy and as comfortable as possible. This is exactly what I’ve been going through the past few days and it’s a lot of work and extremely tiring. It’s also taught me some valuable lessons about how to be more successful with business and marketing.

Don’t give them what they want give them what they need

When your child is sick it’s hard not to give them every last thing that they ask for. You want them to be happy and feel better of course but at the same time you need to be responsible and make sure they are getting what they need and not just what they want. Most kids don’t love medicine. Most kids will fight you if you try to give it to them. Experience has taught me if you can convince them to take it themselves it goes much smoother than trying to force it down. The same is true is business. Clients want what they want and will fight you if you try to force something down  their throats that they don’t like. So you need to convince them of the benefits and maybe even give them some “incentive” to help them see why the other option will be better in the long run.

Get plenty of sleep (as much as you can)

This is a good rule to follow throughout our lives but is especially true when your child is sick. The problem with sick kids is that you stay up stressing and worrying if they’ll be okay. Sometimes they can’t sleep because they feel so rotten but every chance that you can try and get some sleep along with your kids. The reasoning is that the more you stress and worry the harder it is for you or your child to sleep. Try and remember that sleep can do wonders not only for the kids but especially for us adults. You may be wondering…how does this apply to business? I’m getting to that right now! In business we need to be at the top of our game and well rested to take care of all the needs of our customers and clients. If we come into work tired and groggy it’s going to leave a big impression on everyone we interact with.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

With sicknesses we often think “we’ll go to the doctor, take what he prescribes and be better soon”. Not always in life or business is it as easy as that sounds. That’s we you need to be creative and think of other ways we can help in the process of healing our bodies or “selling our products”. Things like essential oils or vitamins can help our bodies fight off the germs and strengthen our immune system. In business I think things like “special promotions” or ” giveaways” can help our business grow and strength the overall system that is put in place. The world is changing so much and it’s so easy to get the opinions of millions of people in seconds with a quick search on Google. Another great tip is to be sure to get “social” and you’ll be amazed at the benefits you’ll find along the way.