Disney is a top name when it comes to “best companies to work for.”  The way that they treat their employees is quite unique, and there is a lot that we can learn from their practices.  Read below for 5 things that set the Walt Disney Company apart when it comes to their employees.

Cast Member

Every employee is not considered an “employee,” rather, a “cast member.”  This creates a ownership for each and every employee.  They are trained to act as if they are in a show, like they are on stage the moment their shift starts.  Their problems are left at the door, and they are taught that every member of the team is necessary in creating “the happiest place on earth.”  

“We” Mentality

At Disney, everyone is treated like they are part of a team or a family.  They are all responsible for making the parks and stores what they are.  That means that there is no concept of “That’s not my job.”  Cast members are told stories of Walt himself, who would pick up trash through the park.  Cast members are brought into a family, rather than a workplace, so they all take care of things as needed.  Every member of the company goes above and beyond to create the Disney magic.  Managers are approachable, as are the executives, like they would be in a family.

Joining the Culture

Everyone in the Walt Disney Company, whether they are a custodian or executive, goes through a 1 day “Disney Traditions” training.  For a whole day, they are taught all about the Disney company — their culture, their history, the dream of Walt, etc.  As they prepare to do their specific role, they also receive extensive training preparing them to do their job well.    

Opportunity for Growth

Every person in the company has potential to grow, there are promotions posted often, and cast members are encouraged to continue learning and changing.  Cast members are encouraged to apply for promotions and keep moving up in the company.  Managers are always letting the people that they oversee know what opportunities are coming up, and what to look out for.  

Company Perks

The Walt Disney Company also offers countless perks for being an employee.  They offer discounts on merchandise, free entrance to the parks, countless company events, volunteer opportunities, 401k savings plan that is company matched, vision, dental, discount airline tickets (when applicable), etc.  While a lot of these perks seem small, they lets employees know that they are important to the company.