Specificity in Content

One of the big challenges of web content is being able to ride a line of how specific to your services that your content needs to be. Finding the sweet spot of relevancy, but still having something to say, requires a great deal of tact. A good analogy for this is to imagine that the entire internet is a big party that you are attending, and your content is the personality that you bring to it. In this situation, you want to be approachable, smart, and interesting, lest you fail to stand out. This is how you need to think of your website’s blog. Here are some tips to strike this balance…

Don’t just talk about yourself

Nobody likes a person who can only talk about themselves. It makes them seem self-centered and one dimensional, not to mention far less relatable. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy! While it may seem intuitive to only talk about your business and particular service on your blog, this narrows down the people who will stay and read information on our blog. While you certainly must talk about those things (it is a blog for your business, after all), make sure that there is a diversity of knowledge that can be found on your website.

Talk about related topics

So, if you can’t just talk about yourself, what should you talk about? Well, you know more than anyone that your articulate industry spans far more subjects than your particular service within it. This is a natural supply of topics that you can draw from for your blog. In our party analogy, this is the equivalent of talking about things that you are knowledgeable about. It makes you far more interesting. Doing this for your website will draw in more people who may end up interested in your service, but only come to your site to learn about a related subject.

Don’t step too far outside your realm

While it is very important to be able to speak on a wealth of subjects, confidently, don’t be that person who acts like they know everything about everything. We’ve all ran into that person in our allegorical party; the guy who says they’ve read every book, taken every class, and should be consulted about anything. This guy is just as self-centered as the person who only talks about themselves. In terms of your web content, branching out too far from what your company is will make your website messy, and attract people who really have no interest in what you do, which will drive down your conversion rate. Instead, find that sweet spot of topics that relate to your industry, while still covering a good array of information.