Tools for Determining Relevancy: Part 1

On-Page Keyword Optimization ToolSEOmoz Term Target Tool (Now On-Page Keyword Optimization)

Basics: SEOmoz has a lot of fantastic SEO tools and one that we utilize quite a bit at Gravitate Online is their Term Target Tool. They’ve gone and changed the name of us, it’s now the On-Page Keyword Optimization tool. It’s especially helpful as it adds a grade to each page for a specific keyword phrase. This makes it easy for clients to get it and simple for us internally to feel good about a high grade.

Optimization Tool for On-Page FactorsPros: Super easy and straightforward. Simply input a URL and the keyword phrase and it gives you a letter grade. Then you’re given a detailed list of comments, including details on improving your score. It now includes a bit of perspective with indicators showing if the proposed changes are critical, high importance, moderate, low or just optional improvements. We find this helpful for newer SEOs and clients, also.

Cons: Sometimes a low grade may incent an SEO to cram keyword phrases into a page at the expense of good copy. The tool may show a higher grade- but the readability and overall quality of the content may suffer. Because of this temptation, we have an on-staff copywriter look over pages to assure they look great for site visitors first and search engines second. With a little quality control and a willingness to get a lower score for good copy and this won’t be an issue.

Coming Next- Part 2: Dave Naylor’s Keyword Density Tool

Feedback: What other tools do you recommend for on-page keyword relevancy for SEO?