Dave Naylor’s Keyword Density Tool is another tool that many SEOs recommend while doing on-page analysis. It helps to determine how relevant a page is for a given keyword phrase. Let’s take a closer look.

keyword density toolBasics: David Naylor’s free tool has grown into a pretty good part of any SEOs repertoire. Simply enter the URL and a keyword phrase and the tool will analyze the page and deliver all kinds of great information relevant to SEO.

Pros: The tool offers great information about the keyword usage in the title tag, links, heading and on-page text- giving a percentage for each. It also shows which words are most common in the text on the page- for one word and two word phrases. An additional feature I enjoy is it’s analysis of internal and external links, letting the SEO know if their are too many links pointing outwards (the more links pointing out- the less value the page may hold). The link information is summed up in a nice ‘Link Ratio’ clearly showing the need to favor inbound links over outbound.

Cons: Link all keyword-density tools SEOs can easily fall prey to the sirens call of over optimizing a page for a phrase, spitting out a page that looks like gibberish, but with great density stats. Remember, have a copy editor look over pages to make sure it reads well and answers the visitors most pressing questions and reflects the company brand more than just being ‘SEO’ed.

Coming Next- Part 3: Ranks.nl Keyword Density and Prominence Analyzer

Feedback: Have you ever used Dave Naylor’s Keyword Density Tool? If so, what are your findings? Is there a tool you prefer more? Let us know.