In the industry of online marketing, the landscape is constantly changing as the internet becomes more and more developed on how to connect people with content that matters. Because of this, the future of SEO is constantly changing, and companies like us always have to be looking at ways to stay relevant. One continuous truth is that utilizing different mediums will always be a good thing for your rankings. Currently, video is one of the fastest growing and most effective of all rising mediums. Here are some reasons why video is the online marketing tool of the future.

Increased rankings


Having a video on a page increases the SERP (search engine result page) ranking of the entire website. For example, pages that utilize video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google results. This is because the new Google algorithm favors what it calls “quality content”, the definition, of which, heavily favors videos. This is far more valuable than keyword optimization. When it comes to bringing people to your website, video soars, as well. The CTR (click through rate) of videos is higher than that of ordinary text, when it comes to linking back to a company page.


Video connects with a modern audience


Helpful, informational videos comprise 80% of the video content in SERPs. That means that it’s not just viral videos that are getting generated through Google’s algorithm. There is actually vastly more useful videos on a variety of industries that are benefitting from search engine rankings. This data shows us that viewers are connecting with useful videos, and that it is having a real, tangible effect on the future of marketing. Video links have also been shown to have lower bounce rates, which demonstrates video’s effectiveness at bringing an audience closer to a company.


More value on social media


More and more of social media sites are starting to move towards video. If you get onto your Facebook page, you’re far more likely to find a steady stream of video content than you are to find articles (although those are still there, and quite influential). This is because video stands out on social media. They get clicked on and shared far more often than other types of content. The truth is, for better or worse, that internet users have smaller attention spans than they used to. Fewer people are reading entire articles, anymore. Videos, however, are more stimulating to the senses, and can use visuals and audio simultaneously to better draw the viewer in.