Finding the Sweet Spot

It seems like just about everyone I know has a blog these days. Some blog privately about their family life, others use blogging as an emotional outlet, some use their blog to share their expertise in a specific niche, and others started a blog with the hope of one day being able to monetize it. So with so many options, how do you determine which blogs to follow? Or from an online marketing perspective, how do we decide which blogs would be great partners for our clients?

Not every blog is created equal. As we are seeking endorsements for our clients, it is our job to sort through the millions of blogs on the internet and determine which would provide the best links. Our time and resources are limited, so it is important for us to choose the best option from the beginning.
So what does this mean? We could focus primarily on the blog’s metrics like page rank, domain authority, and the Alexa ranking. Or we could focus primarily on the niche of the blog, and if it matches up with that of our clients. We’ve found that the best approach is a combination of the two.
When it comes to a blog’s metrics, there is usually a “sweet spot” we are looking for. Most of the really big blogs with GREAT metrics are looking for opportunities with big companies that can provide a large budget. We primarily work with small businesses, and are unfortunately unable to provide what they are looking for. Instead, we focus on blogs with good metrics, that will be more open to opportunities with small businesses. We’ve set some benchmark standards for Alexa ranking and domain authority, and only contact blogs who meet that criteria.

There is one exception to this rule. Sometimes we find a blog that is perfectly aligned with our client’s niche, but doesn’t quite meet our benchmark standards. In this case, we would still pursue this opportunity because that specific niche adds additional credibility.

These guidelines help us sort through the millions of blogs on the internet, and help us find the right match. We are then able to focus our efforts and resources on developing a relationship with this blogger, and work towards an endorsement opportunity for our client.