Meta Tags and Google

Google dispels the myth that they use the Keywords meta tag. They use the description tag for snippets in search engines results pages, but that's [...]

By |2009-09-29T06:43:40-06:00September 29th, 2009|SEO, Site Development|Comments Off on Meta Tags and Google

SEO Ranking Factors Revisited

  Several clients, recently, have specifically asked about the many factors that go into helping a website show up higher is search engines. Particularly, on-page [...]

By |2009-09-25T12:00:28-06:00September 25th, 2009|SEO|Comments Off on SEO Ranking Factors Revisited

Micro-Site Myth Revisited

I hear SEO's and SEO companies occasionally recommend micro-sites, landing sites, splash sites or some version of the same. They hope to create several geo-targeted [...]

By |2009-09-10T17:13:53-06:00September 10th, 2009|SEO, Site Development|Comments Off on Micro-Site Myth Revisited
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